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TCM-Sozialforum - Chinesische Medizin über Grenzen
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TCM School Sponsorships NepalPosted by Pawan Thapa Wed, May 24, 2017 15:48:06

we started our journey from the same place in the same field four years ago.The place called kogate our hometown. It is not a big town or city what you are thinking it's a small village where we used to live there. The population of this village is not too much because of the small area. Here people depend upon the agriculture but it is not enough though so people used to go to the big city such as Kathmandu or Hetauda for work it's nearby. Here is no good school as well as big hospital for the proper education and health concern because of that person of the villagers are compelled to go abroad or another city where there are those facilities.

We were moving through the time with our own ambition. Didn't know we were on the right path or wrong. Every time we were worried about the future. Because of these, we were compelled to try for abroad it was the only one way that we have seen in our country. Many people of our country go abroad in order to earn money as well as to keep their family happy. But in reality, it just goes opposite cause they didn't get good work as well as salary they should be paid what they were expecting due to this reason we were confused. At a child stage, it was easy to achieve our desire with the single cry but in the adult stage it totally different. But we learned that to achieve something firstly we have to struggle that's why we were struggling to be a better person in our own life maybe the way is different but hoping one day we will be proud.

Four years ago we didn't know each other exactly even though we were from the same place but what we can say it might be a favor of God that we got a chance to know each other very well. Also, we started our journey as an interpreter on the organization called Good Health Nepal in which mother organization was Acupuncture Relief Project from U.S on same year. At first, we didn't know about Acupuncture but working with the foreign doctor we better understood about its application and beneficial. After that we were more interested on it. We got training about the health issues as well as acupuncture points from foreign doctors which was the great opportunity for us to learn.

After knowing about its consequences we were interested in this field but the financial problem was the major problem for us that's why we were confused. However, we got a chance to meet Anjali and other acupuncture students who were there for practice and observe at the Bajarabahari clinic. From Anjali, we know about the organization in which she was working.

Through Anjali, we got a chance to meet Sylvia Kon Pandey and Sascha Kuster from Germany and switcher land who was the chairwoman and the member of an organization called TCM Social Forum. It was the honor to see and talk with them individually in our hometown(kogate) and introduce with our family. Finally, we had a talk about the sponsorship of Acupuncture school in which we were interested. And we went Acupuncture school together for the admission.

We would like to thank you very much for your sponsorships. Because of the sponsorship we are able to go school now and learning acupuncture detaily which was our dream and in future we will always help the organization TCM social forum with proudly and like to spread the knowledge and beneficial of acupuncture all parts of Nepal through an organization TCM Sozial Forum.

We are heartily grateful to TCM Sozial Forum as well as the member of this organization for our sponsorship. Without this organization, we will not be able to turn our hope into reality. We appreciate your love, compassion, and support.

Thank you very much…..

Bibek Syangtan(lama)

Surendra Ale Magar

Pawan Thapa

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TCM School Sponsorships NepalPosted by Suman Magar Mon, May 22, 2017 14:55:35

From TCM Sozial forum we got big support to go to school for the study of acupuncture, I felt very lucky. This was a big opportunity for us, we participate on entrance examination and we passed it. Also, we heard the message from Anjali that the chairwoman of TCM Sozial forum Sylvia Kohn Panday and the member of TCM Sascha Kuster were coming to visit in our village. We were very happy to see them in our village and had a good chat about acupuncture and the sponsorship, also we went the acupuncture clinic where we used to work as an interpreter. After spending one day there in Bajrabarahi clinic we return back together to Kathmandu for our admission in college. There we did an admission and signed in contract paper. At last, they return back from Nepal and we were waiting for our college opening.

From November 13/2016 our class has been started, before I joined the class lots of thinking were going on my mind and little nervous too because of the new environment, new place, new friend , and some new subject, I had cleared my high school level in different faculties, not in science but we have to study about basic science course in the first year. So that I felt it was a challenging for me.

At the first days in college I meet with other new student and our teacher, we had introduction with each other then we start to enter the courses, so the environment was ok ,all the student are friendly and helpful that I found, the class start from 11.00 to till 4.30pm and between that time we had 30 minute break, there is a routine for subjects. In a week we have six days of class except for Saturday and government holiday.

Now I want to talk about our vacation, from January 14 we had winter vacation upto 12 days, at that time I went to my village for celebrating a festival called maghe sangranti with my family. From Jan 26 our class starts again like before, but from February 9, our first term examination was held and we did our best. After finishing the exam the class run as usual.

Again I like to share about second term examination it was started from May 3,2017 to upto may 13, 2017.As the examination finished we got 10 days vacation then I went to the village for some days and had a good time with family. Now a day our class has been started already.

We do not spend all the time for study, sometimes we go for, walk we go for visit new places and we also go for meditation inside jungle which is located nearby our apartment, at last, I would like to say heartily thank you to TCM sozial forum for this support.

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TCM School Sponsorships NepalPosted by Pawan Thapa Fri, May 19, 2017 12:57:23

It has been a while our college started it is located in the big city of Kathmandu named as Rural Health Education Service Center. The first day of college was awesome because everyone was new and we had the class like introduction class that made me little nervous but everything was fine.Knowing each other was really curious and lots of excitement was running through my vein that they were trying to come out but I controlled because I need it for future too. Also, we were staying in an apartment nearby college area. It was the totally new place for me, I haven't been there before even though I born in Kathmandu. I felt little awkward for a month but everything was fine. In a week, six days our college run smoothly excluding government holidays. There's a three period on a day, each period is of one hour and half hours. Excepting government holidays we are attending classes regularly. It's been a more than three years I dropped my study. But I was more curious to learn new thing so there was the fullness of excitement. Few month ago there was an exam I did my best and passed on all subject and seeking for doing better on an upcoming exam.

Here I m not only enjoying study also delicious food made by two big brothers. We three brothers always take care and help for each other so we are more friendly than brother and our daily life is going well too. Sometimes we get bored from a study we go for a hike and sometimes visit a new place. Especially I go to visit Bouddha because it is quite near from our apartment where we are living.

(Boudhanath Temple, Kathmandu Nepal)

Overall its seem like its going well for me. Now we are more local cause it been like more than five months we stayed. . But hoping that everything gonna be fine. Definitely, everything gonna be fine cause we are linked with an organization TCM Sozial Forum.

Time is spending day by day and everything is changing even though we are changing too. Let's see what will it bring in future hoping everything will be good. I would like to thankyou very much for an organization TCM Sozial Forum for the thoughtful Sponsorships for us.

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BenefizveranstaltungenPosted by Sylvia Köhn-Pandey Wed, May 17, 2017 18:47:35
Seit 2014 gibt es im Rahmen des Internationalen TCM-Kongress ein Benefizkonzert zu Gunsten des TCM-Sozialforum - Chinesische Medizin über Grenzen e.V..

Am Mittwoch, den 28. Mai 19.30 Uhr fand ein wunderbarer Kammermusikabend – mit dem „Ensemble Cosmas Damian" (ECD) in der Spitalkirche Heilig Geist, Spitalgasse 46, Rothenburg o.d.T. statt.

Dr.Karl Zippelius, ein Berufskollege und Musiker initiierte ein Benefizkonzert zu Gunsten des TCM-Sozialforum in Rothenburg o.d. Tauber.

Der Erlös des Konzertes wurde für die Anschaffung eines Ambulanzautos in Rajasthan/Indien eingesetzt, um dort wieder regulär Health Camps mit den Gunis durchzuführen.

In den Jahren darauf folgten weitere Konzerte als kraftvoller Auftakt zum Kongress, die alle von Dr. Karl Zippelius in der Heilig Geist Kirche in Rothenburg o.d. Tauber initiiert wurden.

13. Mai 2015

Quintette von F.J.Haydn und L.Boccherini

Der Erlös des Konzertes ging direkt an Moxafrica. Moxafrica ist in U.K. wohltätig registriert, mit dem speziellen Ziel der Untersuchung von Moxa Behandlungen für TB in den Entwicklungsländern.

06. Mai 2016

Benefizkonzert von „Ensemble Cosmas Damian" (ECD)

Der Erlös des Konzertes ging für ein neues Motorrad direkt an Muskan Viklang Trust.
MVT ist als charitable Trust in Indien registriert und wird vor Ort von einem einheimischen Therapeuten geleitet. Es ist eine mobile Klinik. Auf Motorrädern werden täglich andere abgelegene Ortschaften im Raum Gaya angefahren, um hauptsächlich neurologische Erkrankungen mit Akupunktur, Kräutern, Ergo- und Physiotherapie zu behandeln.

Auch in diesem Jahr wird es wieder ein Benfizkonzert geben. Da wir unsere langjährige Assistentin Anjali zu Gast haben, die im letzten Jahr den Vorsitz unserer nepalesischen Zweigorganisation übernommen hat, wird der Erlös nach Nepal gehen.



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Drei neue Studenten

TCM School Sponsorships NepalPosted by Sylvia Köhn-Pandey Wed, April 19, 2017 17:59:38

Suman, Pawan und Bibek sind unsere neuen Studenten und werden durch das TCM-Sozialforum - Chinesische Medizin über Grenzen in ihrer Ausbildung im RHESC in Kathmandu unterstützt. Wobei Deutschland die Patenschaften für Suman und Pawan übernommen hat und unser Schweizer Zweig für Bibek (rechts).
Im Oktober 2016 fuhr ich mit unserer Assistentin Anjali und Sascha (Voluntär Schweiz) in die Dörfer der jungen Männer. Wir besuchten deren Familien, schauten uns im Dorf um und konnten den Bedarf einer Gesundheitsstation und den Wunsch nach einer erschwinglichen effektiven Behandlungsmethode feststellen. Suman, Pawan und Bibek genießen durch ihr frohes Gemüt und ihrer Herzenswärme ein hohes Ansehen bei den Dorfbewohnern, weshalb wir uns für die Übernahme der Patenschaft entschieden haben.
Alle drei haben in unserem letzten Health Camp nach dem Erdbeben als Übersetzer und Assistenten ihre Fähigkeiten unter Beweis gestellt. Sie haben zuvor schon in Health Camps für 'Acupuncture Relief Project' (amerikanische NGO) Erfahrungen gesammelt und ihre Liebe für die Akupunktur entdeckt.
Ihre Familien könnten die Ausbildung, gerade auch nach der schweren Erdbebenkatastrophe nicht finanzieren und sie sind sehr dankbar für diese Chance ihrer Söhne und ihrem Dorf.

Wir fuhren gemeinsam mit unseren neuen Schützlingen nach Kathmandu, besuchten auf dem Weg die Clinic von ARP und organisierten verschiedene Treffen mit den Studenten des bereits abgeschlossenen Jahrgangs, der Schuldirektion und unserem Anwalt. So bekamen alle ein intensives Bild voneinander und was bevor steht.

Wir freuen uns sehr über so engagierte junge Männer, die auch ein gute Stütze für Anjali sein werden. Gemeinsam können sie unser Ziel, eine kostengünstige und effektive Behandlungsmethode, wie die Akupunktur in Nepal zu etablieren und für möglichst viele Menschen zugänglich zu machen, voran treiben. Es erfüllt uns mit stolz sie im Team zu haben.

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New Branch in Nepal

Nepal BranchPosted by Sylvia Köhn-Pandey Wed, April 12, 2017 20:10:32

During my journey to Nepal in October 2016 we established a new branch of TCM Social Forum.
The new organization is named "Chinese Medicine Across Borders Nepal".
Our long lasting assistant Anjali Tamang prepared everything very well and all went without any complication.

Many signatures were given

Fingerprints on each page above and below

First we met different TCM practitioners from Nepal and ask them to become a member of this branch. We explained them our principles and various tasks in the board or as a ordinary member.

All together, we had a meeting with the advocate and complete the foundation. The new members choosed Anjali as the chairwoman and they took over all other tasks. Few more meetings with the advocate were needed till the process was finished.

To establish a NPO/NGO is always a difficult tasks but the corruption and trust in Nepal is very special. We had to pay a lot of attention and still we can not simply believe. Anjali as a young woman is not simply respected, she has to show her competence in a hard way. Good luck that we have some young male members who respect and support her.
Humor is the best recipe to manage good and bad times.

TCM Social Forum - Chinese Medicine across Borders (Germany) is very proud to give some responsibility to our colleagues in Nepal.

If you want to support our Branch in Nepal you can make a donation with the keayword: Nepal

Account of TCM Social Forum
Berliner Sparkasse
IBAN: DE 38 100 500 00 660 410 0810

100 % of your donation goes to 'Chinese Medicine Across Borders Neapal'

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Unsere Assistentin Anjali

TCM School Sponsorships NepalPosted by Sylvia Köhn-Pandey Sat, December 10, 2016 13:11:08
Im Oktober 2009 flogen 5 TCM-Therapeuten nach Nepal, um in der Benchen Free Clinic in Kathmandu bedürftige Menschen hauptsächlich mit Akupunktur zu behandlen und Krankenschwestern, sowie Healtworker in einer einfachen Basis-Akupunktur zu unterrichten.
Die Koordination stellte uns vor einigen Herausforderungen. Wir hatten nur eine Übersetzerin.
So waren wir froh über eine unserer Patienten, die wegen chronischer Tonsillitis zu uns in die Klinik kam und der wir mit Akupunktur, Kräutern und Beratung zum Lebensstil zur Heilung verhelfen konnten. Die junge Frau war so begeistert, dass sie gern mehr über unsere Behandlungsmethode der Chinesischen Medizin erfahren wollte. Wir baten sie um Unterstützung. So könne sie einiges erfahren. Von da an war sie bereit uns bei den Übersetzungen jeglicher Form zu helfen.
Sie begleitete unsere folgenden Missionen in abgelegene Dörfer, übersetzte beim Unterrichten und behandeln, sowie assistierte uns wann immer es nötig war. Sie half bei den Verhandlungen mit Einheimischen und anderen Organisationen, traf Vorbereitungen für weitere Missionen, organisierte Health Camps und stand unseren Volontären immer hilfreich zur Seite.
Anjali wurde zu einer Festung für unsere Arbeit in Nepal. Da die politische Situation in Nepal sehr instabil war und ist, sowie eine Korruptionskultur herrscht, war das Arbeiten für uns und unsere Ausgebildeten immer mit einem Risiko verbunden. So freuten wir uns über die Eröffnung eine durch die Regierung anerkannte Schule, die eine Ausbildung für Chinesische Medizin anbieten.

Anjali war in dem ersten Durchlauf dabei und konnte auch durch ihr vorher angeeignetes Basiswissen ihren Mitschülern eine Vorbildwirkung beim Lernen sein.

Inzwischen hat sie ihr Abschlussexamen gemacht und laut Schuldirektion erfolgreich bestanden. Leider sind das Endergebnis und die Zertifikate noch nicht herausgegeben worden, aber die Zeit wird es mitsichbringen.
Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Anjali eine der ersten nun anerkannten Akupunkteure in Nepal ist und danken allen Spendern für ihre finanzielle Unterstützung. Nur durch die Übernahme von verschiedenen Teil-Patenschaften über die gesamte Ausbildung war das möglich.


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Nepal Earthquake

ProjektaktivePosted by Dr Bill Wulsin Wed, August 26, 2015 23:33:21

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