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TCM School Sponsorships NepalPosted by Suman Magar Mon, May 22, 2017 14:55:35

From TCM Sozial forum we got big support to go to school for the study of acupuncture, I felt very lucky. This was a big opportunity for us, we participate on entrance examination and we passed it. Also, we heard the message from Anjali that the chairwoman of TCM Sozial forum Sylvia Kohn Panday and the member of TCM Sascha Kuster were coming to visit in our village. We were very happy to see them in our village and had a good chat about acupuncture and the sponsorship, also we went the acupuncture clinic where we used to work as an interpreter. After spending one day there in Bajrabarahi clinic we return back together to Kathmandu for our admission in college. There we did an admission and signed in contract paper. At last, they return back from Nepal and we were waiting for our college opening.

From November 13/2016 our class has been started, before I joined the class lots of thinking were going on my mind and little nervous too because of the new environment, new place, new friend , and some new subject, I had cleared my high school level in different faculties, not in science but we have to study about basic science course in the first year. So that I felt it was a challenging for me.

At the first days in college I meet with other new student and our teacher, we had introduction with each other then we start to enter the courses, so the environment was ok ,all the student are friendly and helpful that I found, the class start from 11.00 to till 4.30pm and between that time we had 30 minute break, there is a routine for subjects. In a week we have six days of class except for Saturday and government holiday.

Now I want to talk about our vacation, from January 14 we had winter vacation upto 12 days, at that time I went to my village for celebrating a festival called maghe sangranti with my family. From Jan 26 our class starts again like before, but from February 9, our first term examination was held and we did our best. After finishing the exam the class run as usual.

Again I like to share about second term examination it was started from May 3,2017 to upto may 13, 2017.As the examination finished we got 10 days vacation then I went to the village for some days and had a good time with family. Now a day our class has been started already.

We do not spend all the time for study, sometimes we go for, walk we go for visit new places and we also go for meditation inside jungle which is located nearby our apartment, at last, I would like to say heartily thank you to TCM sozial forum for this support.

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