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TCM School Sponsorships NepalPosted by Bibek Syangtan Fri, January 04, 2019 11:01:06

The time run very fast it has been already two year completely and running this third year to connect with this organization and your continue support till now so could not stop to say thank you so much for the continue support.

Now I would like to write about my second year examination and some class activities that we had done. The first exam was the class test it was month after of our class start so not very difficult for us. After that our class started as usual time as like before and after sometime of our study there was a second term examination means second class test exam. We had tried our best on that exam too. In the mean time of our study there was a moxa collection program and to collect the moxa plant we need to go in the field place called Chovar near from Kathmandu valley so our collage provide a bus to go there as they make plan total student of our class and senior student from third year and teachers that was a quite amazing experience for me. We all get a chance to know about moxa plant and observe from very near, there were so many species in the world and I think Artemisia vulgaris is available on that place as teacher said and we collected some moxa plant to bring in our collage for practicing the processing of moxa wool, after done the field visit our teacher take us to the moxa factory which was located near to Soyambhu temple and place called Sitapaila and I think this is the only one factory in Nepal where they produce and sale to market as well as they export the moxa stick in Japan, again we all get opportunity to learn how to make a good quality from mugwort leaves.

As the time goes our collage again announced the routine of third examination means midterm exam and we had give our time in the study as much as we can, after done the midterm exam we had a holiday for some days to be prepared for pre-board exam that was coming ahead. It was a bit challenging for me because I wanted to get a good mark to myself. The pre-board exam start since 28/June/2018 to till 11/July/2018 and exam has been gone very well as we had hoped. Now the final exam means board exam had been started since 20/July/2018 and goes until a months because each subject has 3 days gap to prepared, anyway the final exam of second year has gone as we had thought hopefully the result will come good. After finished the board exam we also need to attend the practical examination, since they made a routine we all attend the practical exam then 2nd year has been finished.

Now I would like to add about our holiday so there was holiday before pre-board start again before start the final exam and after done of second year at that time our festival was coming and again we had holiday till the festival gone, we had celebration the festival as I had mention in previous report.

I also want to add about the program of third year and in third year we have to study the five subject which are listed below.

-Therapeutics II

-community medicine

-Methods of acupuncture and moxa

-Healthcare system


AS I had listed the subjects we are going to study hard and will send you the report soon.

At last I will always looking forward to have positive response from your side and thank you again to this organization.

Recenyly in our collage had organized the program of welcome to program done by our class doing singing and dancing and taking the good advices to to go ahead from senior students student and farewell for the senior students who has finished their study,that
Reported by
surendra ale magar(suman)

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Posted by Sylvia Köhn-Pandey Mon, January 07, 2019 17:18:08

Thank you dear Suman for your nice report and that you let us know about all your experience during your study. With collecting and processing Artemesia you will find a bit more independance. Sounds great!smiley