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TCM School Sponsorships NepalPosted by Bibek Syangtan Mon, January 07, 2019 01:58:17

I am Bibek Syangtan. Two years ago, have been supported from TCM Sozial Forum for my acupuncture studies. Our second year study had finished and the second year was gone well. We learned ideas about acupuncture, how syndrome differentiate, how to balance yin and yang and what happen when imbalance of yin and yang in our body. Also knew about the general health and little bit about western medicine. Some other applications like acupressure, cupping and moxa we practiced during this year.

School also provided us to visit moxa factory located in the Chovar. We learned there how to collect, how to select good moxa leaves, how it process for best quality of moxa and why it is important in TCM. That was a good experience also

We have great festival here “Dasain and Tihar” 2 months before festival we had final examination of second year. We prepared well for exam and after exam we all went to home for festival to celebrate with families. During vacation I was in village with my mom.

After the festival we had third year started and class is going nice we have few subjects in this year not many as first and second year. We also got clinical practices in our school like acupuncture, in the lab, OPD and in the vitals. We are really enjoying and learning more that way. Few weeks ago school held welcome and farewell programs, we took participate and sang songs, some of friends were danced.

At the bottom, I can understand,’’ how much effort you do?’’ to provide the opportunity for those who want to learn something but can’t do by their own. We are not only getting financial support from this Organization love, care, courage and strength. We appreciate your help and support. Yes, I would like to add about my 1st year result was not impressive. This year I also had given the back paper of my 1st year exam. But I’m not the person who gets the tired or given up easily in the middle of something. I want to go till the end. i know it might be hard for me but success could not be found in simple way. Only this year left for studies we made it so far thank you so much for everything, what have you done.

smileylove from Nepalsmiley
Bibek Syangtan(Lama)

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Posted by Sylvia Köhn-Pandey Tue, January 15, 2019 10:20:37

Thank you dear Bibek that you let us know about your study, the festival time and farewell program. Nice to hear that in this year you have more practise and less theoretical subjects. We wish you all the best to become a very good TCM practitioner.